• Wolf's Apartment


    Wolf’s apartment : In a loop of swag and glitter ************************************************ 

    “Kotti, the heart of Kreuzberg, the place to be, the melting pot of joy and entertainment. creatures of the night prowling around, seeking the next party. In a gentle narcosis, Wolf moves through the forrest, to the sweet sound of endless glitz and glamour.
    Sure, maybe there is something missing, but it is easier to imagine the end of the world, than to imagine a change in the status quo. People may have tried once, but that was a long, long time ago.

    Wolf knows that, but he prefers to stay a realist. After all, what can one wolf do? And even though he isn’t really happy about how life is going, he can’t really imagine a different future. there isn’t much left be- sides taking part in the great spectacle, locked into the entertainment matrix.
    Yes, you might shed a tear secret, but please, don’t be so whiny. Wolf takes his pleasure seriously. You may find him sitting there, apathetic, lonely, hung over from last night, but soon enough, he’ll get up on his paws again, stepping back into the magnificent light of the mirror ball. “

    Radical Jetset, a cosmopolitan art gang. They make installations, murals and books. Radical Jetset was founded in 2012 and is currently based in Berlin. Their work has been shown on a number of european festivals.
    LuciLux/ mAhA81/ Patu 

    Thanks To Vicens Gomila and Andrea Cruz (Au Ments)