• Poetry is Dangerous

    Poem by Karen margolis
    The rhyme is the reason
    für Thomas B.
    the rhyme is the reason
    it rings for itself
    whatever the season
    it sings for itself
    it lifts the lead curtain to let in the day
    and lights up the corners where silverfish play
    the rhyme is the moment
    where sword crosses pen
    it eases the torment
    of love now and then
    it carries the words in a current so strong
    that their force overpowers
    and pulls you along
    the rhyme is the fortune
    of poets in garrets
    who harvest the wild moon
    to stave off their debts
    it warms up the room with a magical glow
    and turns on the tap for the vision to flow
    the rhyme is the purpose
    the end in itself
    it skates on the surface
    and turns on itself
    it tangos and polkas and trips off the tongue
    and hums in the memory after it’s done