• Spätkauf Kunstaktion

    Festival für Live-Illustration und Straßenfest in Kreuzberg und Neukölln, Berlin. 2010 _ 2013

    This ist the video from Spätkauf-Kunstaktion in Berlin Kreuzberg und Neukolln, i realy love to meet every year the onwners from the Spaetis and new faces for the neiburhord, is a litle festival for Kiez to the Kiez. 
    The idea begin to bring temporary Art from Spaeti to spaeti begin long time ago to the Spaetis or Shops, 
    in the next video you found a documentation from the event. 

    Kamera: Nicolas Rösener & Maxim Rosenbauer.
    Produktion & Kamera: Max Kerkhoff 
    Musik: Long Lost Relatives & Spätkauf-Kunstaktion Live Acts 2011

    With these temperatures it is hard to believe summer exists in Berlin! A little reminder that it does: The clip from the first Spaetkauf Kunst Aktion - 2010, old school! last year was much bigger and the video is coming soon as well. An the third edition is coming up in a couple of months! And 2012 it is going to be even bigger and more fun again! 

    You can click through my Vimeo clips to see more work, by the way.